Work Circles


  • Circle Sharing.
  • Finding Common Ground.
  • Mindfulness Practice.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Managing Stress.
  • Creating Unity.

Why Inner Work ?

Working in Circles is an ancient way of gathering, where each participant has the opportunity to both share and listen – or simply learn through being present and mindful, resonating with the group process. Work Circles help to clear blocks and reconnect with innate vitality. To re-awaken enthusiasm, develop harmony and cohesion, both within the individual and group dynamic.

Circle Sharing.

Work Circles are conducted in a way where each man is guided to relax, be present, and speak openly. Each man is also asked to listen to and support all other men present.

Sitting in a a circle provides the perfect structure for participants to see each other and be seen. It provides an equal opportunity for all participants.

Work Circles ask each man to speak to what is important to him, sensing what is important to share and listening intently to each other. The men are asked to be present in a way that engenders Respect, Harmlessness and Personal Responsibility. All participants get equal time to say what they want to say and be heard. To be present to each other as well as to the group process.

A series of guided exercises helps each man to feel relaxed and confident to speak. As well as supporting the group process, each man is also trained in being open and present to how the Circle processes affects them individually.

Finding Common Ground.

The Work Circle provides the perfect environment for finding common ground. Each man gets to speak to a theme or issue as well as hear the views of every other man. During the course of a two or three hour session each man gets to express his thoughts and feelings on several occasions.

In hearing all the other men’s views, his own views may well be moderated to understand and hold to a view that supports the common good. He gets to see that within all the views expressed, where there is a common ground and where the collective view may well expand on his own.

Mindfulness Practice.

It is estimated that near 95% of any person’s behaviour comes from unconscious beliefs. Mindfulness practice helps us to become aware of our attitudes and choices and come to a place of greater clarity in decision making.

Mindfulness practice is part of every Work Circle. To help participants to go beyond the normal, internal noise of a busy mind, and develop a connection to greater awareness and intuitive abilities.

Mindfulness practice also assists in developing the ability to relax and be aware of when stress is creating imbalance and the means to sit with and to correct that imbalance.

Conflict Resolution.

Work Circles provide the perfect environment for resolving conflicts by giving each participant the opportunity to speak his mind and to hear and understand all others in the team. Each view may be expressed, heard and considered. Each view is expressed within the context of Respect, Harmlessness and Personal Responsibility.

Each Circle begins with guided relaxation exercises to bring the participants into best alignment with balance and an inner peace. The group is guided to acknowledge what is actually going on in body, mind and feelings and find peace with that. To let go of any resistance so as to just be with how they are, so that each man can align with what is true for himself and feel safe to share what he needs to share.

Agreements are made in the group that each will approach the Work Circle by giving Respect to themselves and others and take Responsibility for what they share during the sessions. The Circle is structured in such a way that each man gets to share in turn so that each knows when they will get to speak and that they will be listened to. Each man will have several opportunities to speak. The Work Circle structure prevents a back-and-forth argument style conversation but provides each man with the opportunity to say what is most important to him.

The Circles are kept to around ten to twelve maximum participants to allow time and space for all to speak at least a few times in any one session.

Each man present gets to hear all the views and arguments within the group and how best to accept the differences and to move forward as a team. All present get to hear all views and intuit which views best serve the needs of the group as a whole. The group also supports and gives respect to the individuals within it.

Managing Stress.

Excess stress destroys any man’s ability to bring his best to his work. Excess stress breaks down a man’s connection to his full resources and enthusiasm for the work and workplace.

Work Circles provide participants the opportunity to get any aggravating thoughts off their chest. The men are given the space to express whatever needs airing so that the cause of the stress may be uncovered, experienced and released within a safe and contained space.

Each man gains the support of the Circle to share what is troubling him. In the process of open and honest conversations, working with the principles of respect, harmlessness and personal responsibility, each man gets to share his views around a chosen theme.

The Work Circle is not a talk-fest but a specifically structured way of assisting each man to gain the confidence and trust of his fellow team members so that he may express what he feels the need to share. It may be a personal issue that he needs some help with or workplace issue that needs to be explored.

Where one session of 2 or 3 hours will be of benefit, especially in a smaller group (eg. 6 or 7 participants) a series of Work Circles allows for greater trust to be built. It also allows for a natural developing and unfolding of what needs to be shared, for the team to be best supported by this type of work.

Creating Unity.

Circles have been used since ancient Greece and widely used by the Indigenous peoples of America. Simply by its physical structure of all sitting in a Circle, each participant is supported by the whole group.

The focus of the Work Circle is to create a situation of equality. The Circle provides for each man to feel part of the whole group and be seen and heard by every other man as he speaks.

As facilitator I make sure that every man is given equal time to speak his mind. Part of my focus is to see that each man feels safe and will be given the same opportunity as every other man in the team.


Where the workplace is usually a hierarchical structure, with each man knowing his place in a vertical structure, a Work Circle is a special situation where the work is done horizontally.

A Work Circle is a special time-out from the usual structure with the purpose of assisting participants to explore a particular issue or theme, learn how to use Mindfulness practice and find common ground. The Work Circle aims to assist with Conflict Resolution as well as to help in Managing Stress.

The focus of a Work Circle is to support each man present by helping him to open to expressing himself in his team, to let go of negative thoughts that may be disturbing him, to assist in developing confidence and to assist him in communicating more clearly when he may need help.

The Work also supports Creating Unity within the individual himself as well as in being part of a healthy team.

Work Circles support the well-being of an individual as well as the team.

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