A Story of 5 years –
of Setting up and Facilitating Men’s Groups –
including Exercises & Themes that can be used to
Setup your own Support Circle.
(380 pages, paperback)

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Some chapter headings
~ Why a Men’s Group? We All Benefit, Learning to Be Flexible, Respect, Advice Giving vs Story Telling, Tolerance, Talking from the Heart, Varying Perspectives, Working with Resistances, Not Speaking Up, Breakdown/Breakthrough, Supporting Newcomers, Seeking Consensus, Lessons in Acceptance, Belonging, Naturalness, Personal Responsibility, Developing Awareness, The Company You Keep, Embracing Change, Listening, Waiting, Choosing, Finding Centre, Current Assumptions, Creating the Life You Do Want, Levels of Communication, Boundaries and Choice, Group Run Session, Group Agreements, Trusting in Process, Inner Work & Play, Honest Feedback, Inner Sense, Acknowledging Diversity, Courage to Be, Challenge & Hope, Beginnings & Endings, Levels of Learning, As A Man, Where Do You Find Peace?

‘I’ve been enjoying your book today. So much wisdom and love. Reading it is like reconnecting with the men’s circle, being more aware of oneself and more aware of others at the same time. Feeling the healing and connection. Being in the moment. Listening and being heard. Enjoying the presence of other men, what we share as well as where we are different. I hope many men get to read it.’ DM

Journey is a story of personal experience in facilitating Men’s support Groups over 5 years.

The highs and lows as well as practical exercises.

Reflections and Contemplations on how to find common ground with men by meeting in a Circle.

An experiment in meeting, caring, listening and being heard.

Towards healing and growth.

DOWNLOAD eBook / PDF AUD $11 Link here.