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Being Male : Seeking Peace by Greg Govinda
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Chapters / Content


1. We All Suffer
2. As A Man
3. What Is Of Most Importance?
4. Men Need Meaning and Purpose
5. Most Men Suffer
6. Hurting


7. From Boy to Man
8. Relationship to Father
9. History
10. Loss of Meaning and Connection
11. Loss of Code
12. Void of Masculinity
13. Need for Masculine & Feminine Balance
14. Redressing Our Attitude Towards Women
15. Change of Mores
16. Toxic Masculinity
17. Roles and Expectations
18. What To Do?
19. Economic Rationalism
20. Psychological
21. Who You Think You Are
22. Persona
23. Socialisation
24. Self-Caring
25. Mid-Life
26. Inner Balance
27. Anima / Animus


28. Spirituality
29. Inner Work
30. Men’s Support Circles
31. One Man’s Dreaming ( a personal enquiry )

About the Author

Greg Govinda (B.Ed) 

Greg Govinda (aka Arjuna Govinda) is an educator, healer, life coach, researcher, publisher, and writer, whose main work for the past three decades has been in publishing books and articles on Spiritual Psychology and facilitating workshops on Holistic Health and Wellbeing.

Greg has been active in travelling with friends, sharing his music, journeying many times to Denmark, Iceland, Norway and around Australia. His travels also include Nepal, Vietnam, U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, France, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and a pilgrimage to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Greg is now in his fourth year of researching and developing Men’s Support and Growth Groups.

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