In Search of the Essence of Men’s Circles

Have you ever considered joining a Men’s Circle? A small group of men who meet regularly, who support each other in an open and honest sharing of how they think or feel in any given moment. This is my present attempt at defining what the group is – in essence.

My own focus, as facilitator, is that the group exist to support men in their personal and spiritual development. That we each participate in what is of best use for managing our own health and wellbeing. Each taking responsibility for one’s self as well as contributing to supporting each other and the health of the group itself.

We meet and sit together in a circle – in respect – in truth – and in the appreciation and enjoyment of the fine company.

We do practices that include guided relaxation, open and honest sharing, contemplations on what is important to each individual, and what it means to be true to oneself. Being together in our wholeness and all that brings with it. 

Exploring and sharing whatever presents. Whatever is of most importance to you at the time. We practice being present to oneself, to each other, and giving of our personal best.

We make the most of the opportunity to go beyond the day-to-day, ego-mind, to include connection to one’s heart-mind and open to our deeper and higher potentials.

We enjoy what we create as a group of committed men, and where possible, learning to transcend our fears, blockages, old wounds and traumas – opening to, and entering into a new, more fulfilled life.

The Men’s Circle exists –

> for support,
> for learning,
> for healing,
> for providing an environment that affirms life in its wholeness.
> for realisation, transformation, growth, and a deeper enjoyment of life.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in being part of such a group.

(c) Jan 2019, modified March 2024
Greg Govinda (aka Arjuna)