Testimonials (Men’s Groups)

Very supportive… Able to speak and feel my emotions and express my inner truth

Trusting to be, do and say what I feel and think around other men

… Hearing other men’s views on life

…  Intimacy, honesty, spontaneity, connection

… Empowerment and a stronger connection between my inner male and female side

Connection, understanding, ideas, motivation

… Helping me grow

… Rules and boundaries creating respect for others space

… Brought me closer to accepting who I really am

… Open communication from men with very different paths with very similar views

… Connection, honesty, understanding, authentic listening and friendships

… The long lost male interaction.

by George Frederick Watts

General feedback

“… very supportive … insights into people’s trials.”
“… conversations and life’s stories were free flowing.”
“thanks and gratitude.”
(B.M. Porcupine Ridge)

“honoured …”
“intimacy, honesty, spontaneity, connection.”
(Alex, Daylesford)

“Connection, understanding, inner standing, ideas, motivation, love.”

“helping me grow and I am very thankful.”

“I never know what to expect and that’s why I love it.”
T.G.A. Shepherds Flat)

“I enjoy the intimate sharing of deep personal secrets, breeding trust.

“Feeling of group oneness.

“Rules and boundaries … creates respect for others space.”

“I really like the quiet, meditative space and silence at the beginning of the sessions.”
R.B. Hepburn Springs)

“This group has brought me closer to accepting who I really am and not what has been drummed into me by society and my upbringing. I now feel I am on the road to discovering that I have a Soul and that it has always been with me waiting to acknowledge it. I enjoy the sharing of everyone.”   (P.L. Basalt, Vic.)

“The long lost male interaction.”

“I liked the open communication from men with very different paths with very similar views.”
“Look forward to where this will go.”
(S.H. Porcupine Ridge, Vic.)

Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek

What you got out of participating

“to be able to speak and feel my emotions and express my inner truth.

“ I liked the natural flow and respect of the group in any conversations and interaction.”

“(using) the talking stick shows respect and allows the person to speak and express themselves.”

(B.M. Porcupine Ridge)

“Connection, honesty, understanding, authentic listening and friendships.”

“I got empowerment and a stronger connection between my inner male and female side.”   (
N.M. Denver)

“Trusting to be, do and say what I feel and think around other men.

Hearing other men’s views on life, of their own experiences and embrace our creative potential.”
(D.J., Daylesford)

“I have really enjoyed attending the Men’s Group both from personal perspective as a man meeting other men and being able to share experience in a respectful space. … I am learning a lot from Greg Govinda about how to develop a men’s group. I think Greg has a good balance of structure and allowing things to happen organically. … I like Greg’s consistency with the principles in running the group. … I like the way he pulls from his own vast knowledge during the sessions as this gives an added inspiration to the sessions and keeps potential for growth happening.”   (K.D. Stawell Vic.)

“Greg is highly regarded and an incredible facilitator.”    (M.M. Ballarat)

“Thanks for what you do It’s really powerful stuff.”       (J.F. Hepburn Springs)

“The connection and communication with men in this group over the last 18 months has been remarkable. My life has changed dramatically and fantastically.”     (PJL. Porcupine Ridge)

“I feel like we listen without judgement. And being amongst family. Spiritual awakening with my masculine side.”      (B.M. Porcupine Ridge)

“Connection. Love. Sharing. It’s a sweet experience.”     (A.G. Daylesford)

No two weeks at Men’s Group are ever the same. I can be myself at any place I am at in my life. I have made great friends in the group and outside the group and feel accepted by all the men my friends.”     (D.J. Daylesford)

I look forward to every meeting as a form of real bonding has been achieved amongst the members of the group. It’s a great pleasure to hear the fellow participants speaking openly from the heart. Also, the feedback to those who open their hearts is extremely encouraging. I have made some wonderful friends here at the meetings. The Men’s Group has become a very important part of my life.”     (P.L. Daylesford)

“Really respectful to the group for holding space for one another, and always insightful having many men from many walks of life.” “I see how important just having a place to show up has been.”    (M.C. Hepburn)

“Men’s group is a safe place to express anything I am thinking, feeling or experiencing, amongst other men from all walks of life and age groups, without feeling judged … learning and growing as a person from listening to other men sharing openly as well.”    (D.J. Daylesford)

“Listening to other peoples problems, and how they deal with it, helps me to find solutions to my own problems. It’s great to be with a good bunch of men that can share and be open and genuine.”    (R.M. Creswick)

Excellent sense of community and trust within the group. Opportunity to be present with other men. Listen to others, share and open up. A place to be listened to.”    (R.R. Hepburn Springs)

“The Men’s Circle has been a fantastic experience. I’ve left every session full of ideas and positive energy. “    (J.K.A. Trentham)

Open sharing of life’s experiences. Holding Sacred space for one another. Being able to speak with no interruptions. Feeling secure with the environment. Creating a good bond with the men in this group. Wanting to attend each group session.”    (B.M. Porcupine Ridge)

“I enjoy coming to the group as it gives me a chance to open up. Although I don’t share much I get a lot from the sharing of the other members. I always feel uplifted at the end of the group meeting. I feel that all the men in the group have come for the support offered by the others. It’s an important part of my life.”    (A. Daylesford)

“It’s inspiring to be part of a group of men who have the courage to share with depth, honesty and authenticity. Some personal stories were very moving and help put one’s own issues in perspective. Arjuna is a highly-skilled facilitator, creating a sense of safety and ease at the same time as holding clear boundaries.”     (DM, Hepburn Springs)

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending Inner Work 4 Men circles with Arjuna during 2022. The space was held beautifully, everyone was included and put at ease as they came to share and express themselves in a supportive caring environment. Arjuna has a wonderful skill set, his deep listening and connection ensures everyone is both heard and respected. As we leave the past few years of restrictions it was such a welcome relief to connect with others in such a heartfelt way. Thank you for providing the space, time and skill required to bring others together for the soul work so essential to enriching our lives and exploring our human potentials. Look forward to connecting again in 2023! ;-).”   (MW, Hepburn Springs)

“Arjuna has become a master at holding a safe and supportive space for men to reveal their true selves and explore healing and growth. And he makes it fun!”    (DM Hepburn Springs)



~ Group Sharing & Support
~ Exploring Life Issues
~ Enjoying Camaraderie
~ Build Confidence
~ Develop Tools for Self-Care.