Struggles ! Just Saying

Image by Kyle Glenn

Struggles? Just saying. 6 Feb 2019

I often meet men who seem to struggle. They look at me with blank eyes and wait for me to say what it is that I have come for. What I want from them – other than to be present and relate in some way. They are ready to work – to take action – and have no interest in meeting me.

Often, it would be my preference to relate in some way – to get to know something about them – if only one small piece of information. How are you going? How is your day? What do you care about in life? Do we have anything in common?

I know this is not what men do in general but it happens to be true for me. Life is challenging enough without remaining isolated. I like to connect – if only for an instant – but to share something of the uniqueness of our meeting.

I wonder why it is the way it is – and I delight when I do meet the people who are willing to share. 

I too do not have all day to gossip. But just a moment or two is often enough to actually “meet.” 

A split of a second – or a smile. 

A recognition that there is something in common – or not. 

I’m not looking to force anything. Just to say hi.

So I wonder – What do you experience? Have you found what gives you joy in life?

Do you ever sit quietly and simply go within? Have you discovered hidden treasures?

Do you feel high or low? Do you need to share something with another?

I certainly don’t want to disturb you in any way. I just live a life of wonder.

I enjoy when I can simply have a moment of play – or interaction – with another.

I too need space at times.

I don’t need long stories or too many details about the past. I can, sometimes, if that is important to you. But I am looking to be in THIS moment. 

In the truth of life. 

In the spark of being.

To relate from my heart.

Hey !

I hope that you have found some joy in life. 

I hope that you have found meaning and purpose. 

I hope that you are content.

(c) 2019. Greg Govinda (Arjuna)