Finding Direction

What a year! 

Life has had its challenges for everyone. Perhaps the restrictions that came from Covid-19 gave you much needed time-out and space to be with yourself again. Perhaps it brought the opposite and simply increased the pressures you were under. 

Image by Jeremy Perkins

At Inner Work 4 men I offer sessions in Life Coaching where you have the opportunity to speak one to one with another man who can listen and support you in moving through life’s transitions.

In general, Life Coaching aims to bring about positive change. 

To help you find greater connection to your true self in wholeness. 

To help you to speak out about what is going on for you and to feel what needs to be felt. 

To help you identify what is an issue for you and help to clarify your way forward. 

To become more self-aware, more at ease, and realise more of your positive potentials. 

Life Coaching is a relationship between client and coach that is non-judgemental but focuses on allowing you to explore what is going on in your life and changes you might like to make.

Quite possibly the restrictions of 2020 have led you to become more at peace in your life but it may also have left you with much to sort through. 

The process of Life Coaching emphasises mindful awareness, choice, personal creativity and self-help. The knowledge, experience and care of the coach, assists you as client to be supported in non-judgemental, open and honest conversations

To say what you want to say and get clear on what is going around inside your head. To get clear on what is important to you and what is not. Also to help you to develop some helpful skills such as mindfulness, awareness, relaxation, etc.

The session(s) may be as simple as assisting you to be heard, and have the opportunity to see what it is that stresses you and what options you have for moving forward or to developing more inner peace.

Despite outer circumstances, we create our life through the choices we make. Life Coaching can help you to make more informed choices. Choices that may come from including your heart in your decision making, and not just from your mind.

You are welcome to book for one session to try it out – or ongoing sessions for as long as you feel that they are helping you. Regular Sessions are for one hour. 

Greg Govinda (aka Arjuna) works in Daylesford and surrounding areas.