~ Group Sharing & Support
~ Exploring Life Issues
~ Enjoying Camaraderie
~ Build Confidence
~ Develop Tools for Self-Care.

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Meeting in a Circle – Greg Govinda (Aug 2022)

Be cared for and supported.
Be listened to and be heard.
Feel brotherhood and belonging.
Have somewhere to go –
to share what you need to share.
Support others to say what they need to say –
And be enriched from the collective sharing.
It is not hard work
It is sitting in a Circle
And allowing truth to be spoken.
To allow relaxation,
And enjoyment,
And the treasure of camaraderie.We meet in a Circle
And see what unfolds
In the unity, and harmony and good cheer.
Many things unfold
When the environment and intention are right.

Benefits of Circle ~ by Greg Govinda (aka Arjuna) (9 Aug 2021)

To have somewhere to go – and get some support.
To meet – and relax – and be true.
To say what you want to say.
To explore what is in you – that seeks expression.
To share something of your story – and be heard – by other men.
To ask for feedback – if that is what you want.
To enjoy the freedom of being able to express yourself – amongst brothers in spirit.
To say what it is – that is in your heart.
To feel and to let go – of past hurts and pains.
To explore what new directions you might be thinking of taking.
To feel what you feel when you share such plans.

Circle aims to be a safe space – where you get to be with other men – and to be with yourself.
Circle is thousands of years old – and provides many rich experiences – when we relax and open to it.
To speak – to listen – to be – to feel.
Circle provides a space that is away from the general noise of modern day life.
Circle is – sacred space.
Let it provide for you – the many gifts it brings.

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