My Mission

Inner Work 4 Men aims to be Inspirational – To connect men to their innate wisdom and best self – by providing Individual support and Creative learning via Men’s Support Groups.

To provide sessions for individuals to develop in a safe, supportive and creative space. Where people can better connect with their positive potentials, as well as be inspired by the sharing of other unique individuals.

To create environments that support people working together on a chosen theme.

To provide a creative working space, where people learn to listen to each other as well as be seen and heard and accepted and appreciated for who they are and their unique contributions.

To support the positive development of individuals, communities and organisations.

Greg Govinda from ‘Inner Work 4 Men’ and ‘A Men’s Group’

You Matter !
I Care. My work is heartfelt and genuine; focused on helping you to make your way through challenging transitions. Enjoy the camaraderie of ‘A Men’s Group’.

‘You’ Time !
Get support to be seen, be heard, and be accepted for who you are. My focus is to support you, wherever you are on your journey. I work in Circles – a modern day equivalent to the traditional Native American tribal gatherings.

Be Your Best Self
Guided processes that stimulates creativity to activate hidden potentials. Men’s Circles help awaken and connect you with a deeper, personal understanding and inner knowing. Discover and learn tools for greater Self-Care.

For a Better Life
To help you to realise your positive potentials. Feel, accept, and let go of all that hinders you from enjoying a better life. Find clarity, inner strengths, and confidence.