What is A Men’s Group?

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A Men’s Group’ is for men (18 or over) who are looking for a better sense of self, inner peace, and camaraderie in life.

Each session unfolds depending on who is present and what issues arise on any particular night. As part of this work we look at various themes of what makes and fulfils a man; connecting with what is important personally as well as, as a group.

Each session also includes various guided activities, including relaxation, looking at inner issues and honest conversation.

We explore finding more connection and joy in life, in a safe and respectful group environment.

Facilitator is Greg Govinda Govinda  (a.k.a. Arjuna)

Facilitator Aims

  • To Provide an environment that fosters participants ability to open to wholeness, contentment, purpose and peace.
  • To Contemplate themes that include what gives a man true joy and purpose in life.
  • To Assist participants to find what is important for them. What is in their heart and what hopes they have for their future.

Conditions of Participation

* Attendance of these sessions is dependant on Agreement to support a Safe and Respectful group environment. To care for yourself, the others and the group process.
* The facilitator reserves the right to deny attendance of anyone who does not accept these aims.

We offer regular Men’s Circle’s in Central Victoria, Australia.
Visit us on Face Book to see any new developments.  OneMansHeart

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Further info: email arjunagovinda@icloud.com.au