In Men’s Group we meet and sit together in a circle.

We might work with a theme but usually just see what each man has that he feels to talk about.

The main focus of the group is on connecting to your true self, and to let go of past habits and belief systems that no longer serve you.

Each Men’s Group session begins with a brief guided process in relaxation, using mindfulness and visualisation to connect with a quiet place within you. Letting go of all the usual busyness that clouds the mind.

We often have open conversations at some stage during the session, where each man gets to share whatever it is he would like to talk about. It can be on a theme or just whatever you feel to talk about.

In Men’s Group you can talk any subject or issue whatsoever, as long as it is related to you personally. Other times we just enjoy being able to speak openly with other men.

There is a focus on being aware of what challenges you, or what hopes you hold – but we also enjoy just sharing stories at times.

The main thing in Men’s Group is that each man is given the space to share what he feels to share, and the group supports him in doing that. As facilitator I ask that your sharing be something personal to you – to appreciate the opportunity to be able to speak openly and honestly with other good-hearted men, and to be heard.

We do work within boundaries of time so as to give every man the chance to speak if he wishes to, and to help develop the ability to speak to what is important, rather than simply chatting. Chatting is also welcome, and enjoyed, before we start the formal part of the sessions, during break times and after the session is over.

Lately our times are to start at 6.30 pm and go through until 9.00pm. For those who cannot get there by 6.30pm we make the first half an hour informal and the formal session begins at 7.00 pm. There is NO access to the session from 7.00pm. 7.00 until 9.00 is then special time where we are not interrupted by anyone who cannot get there by that time. This creates an extra protection for being able to relax and open up and know that the time is special and supportive of all present.

The Men’s Group sessions mainly offer a chance to speak what is on your mind or, perhaps more importantly, to speak from your heart. You are guided in how to connect more with your true self and to feel and enjoy the empowerment of this.


The main things I ask of any participant is that you be yourself and be present.

Be present to what you are feeling and thinking. Be present to what others are sharing. Be present to whatever is occurring within you, and train yourself to be aware of and at peace with your own inner processes.

My philosophy of doing Men’s Groups is that you will get most of of it if you feel free to participate as much as feels right for you. In every session you are encouraged to join in as much or as little as you like, as long as you do not interfere with any one else’s process.


You do not have to speak. You can just be present and “pass” if you wish to. Ideally, if speaking is difficult for you, you do challenge yourself to share something but this is up to you, when and how much.

Many often just take up the opportunity to speak, without knowing what they might share or what might be discovered by such. Sharing in such a supportive group environment is perhaps easier than you might think. Once you share about anything, you will find that the other men actually listen to you and give you space to share whatever it is you wish to.

The support of others in this way is a powerful support for just sharing and hearing, within yourself, what may be unknown to you before you begin sharing.


Pay for the term and you can attend every session or as many as feels right for you. Of course, I recommend that you attend all that you are able to, as growth often occurs when you face your fears and come to a session where you might feel some reluctance.

It is often as these times of feeling challenged, where there are breakthroughs and you get to face your fears and move through them.


For me, it is to help men to find a better connection to their true self.  To align with a better sense of self, mental health, wholeness and wellbeing – and to heal what is in their hearts.

It also supports me personally. I get to meet with other good-hearted men and enjoy their company and support. I get to be my true self and to challenge myself to be present, open and honest and to give my best to every man who is part of the Circle.

The work I do is inspired from my training over 30 years, researching what makes for optimal holistic health and well-being. My aim is to help people acknowledge their inner issues and troubles; identify what their hopes and dreams are; and help educate and develop your knowledge and personal skills to find your way forward.

 I encourage people to accept who they are in truth; what is challenging them, and how to identify the learning that takes them forward. To provide support in helping you find more courage and strength to be true to who you are and enjoy life more fully. To find strength in being your true self and working towards your goals in life.

In is clear to me that by helping others, I am helping myself. I am empowered by what I teach, and I find what works in helping others.  In guiding men to a greater connection with inner peace, I am also guiding and reminding myself to find greater connection with this as well.

The group supports each individual man and together we find a way to give support and encouragement to each other. Simply by meeting and sharing we are in a process of personal development. Just by being together in a respectful and supportive environment, we give ourselves and each other a powerful way to get to know ourselves better, and to grow.

Many men seem to be stuck or as yet to find what they are passionate about. This was the case in my own life for a very long time.  In helping others to free themselves from past pain and unconscious fears, I also do the same for me.

The group works with the principles of Respect, Confidentiality, Caring, Harmlessness, and Personal Responsibility. I also encourage a focus of Appreciation and Enjoyment for the opportunities given by meeting in a such a supportive Men’s Group.

Arjuna on the Larapinta trail, Australian desert 2016


The founder of ‘A Men’s Group’ and ‘Inner Work 4 Men’ is Greg Govinda, also known as Arjuna. I have been running the Men’s support Groups regularly since October 2017.

My own journey of learning about the human condition is in its 40th year, after a nervous breakdown forced me to leave my original work as a school teacher at the age of 23. The journey gave me many rare and profound experiences in finding a connection to what was deep in my heart and many other very positive discoveries along the way.

Since 1980 I have studied Transformational Education, Spirituality, Holistic Health and Wellbeing, Depth psychology, Theosophy, Eastern philosophy, Transformational Counselling and many other modalities for optimal health and wellbeing.

For ten years I lived and worked alongside a psychologist, Tarajyoti Govinda, creating The Transformational College of Education (which concluded in 2001 after Tara’s death in 1999) and now enjoy a simple but rich life with my beloved wife, Dorthe Klar, in the mineral springs town of Daylesford, Victoria, Australia (about two hours from Melbourne CBD)

Thus far I have authored three books ‘Towards the Lion’ (a memoir) – ‘After the Storm: embracing a transformative life’ (a book of contemplations) – and ‘Being Male: seeking peace’ on How men suffer and some pathways to inner peace. ‘Being Male: seeking peace‘ is offered on my website as a free eBook.

I have also just completed a year’s work on writing ‘Journey : Reflections on 5 Years of Facilitating Men’s Groups’, available print on demand and as an eBook. Link here.

Hoping I may be of some assistance to you.

Greg Govinda


And sometimes we rest.

Inner Work 4 Men – Resting

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